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KTB Marietta Locksmith: What You Need To Know About Access Control

If you own a property, whether it is a home or business property, you might have thought about restricting access to certain people. KTB Marietta Locksmith is a professional business that serves the Marietta, Georgia area but the advice and information that they have offered is being taken advantage of by people in various locations. This is a company that understands what customers want. They understand the importance of protecting a property, and making sure that not just anyone is able to get into a place. Here, you will find information about access control and why it is beneficial. But first, have a look at this brief story from a business owner who decided to take advantage of access control for his property…

“I own a property near Marietta, GA. Every single day, I have hundreds of customers come in and out of my warehouse. It can be difficult to keep track of everyone, even with the use of security cameras. I do have different managers who work for me, but I would have to spend a tremendous amount of money to hire enough people to be able to stand at all of the different points of my property. With the number of employees I have, it got to the point of being unrealistic to keep creating key copies. It got to the point of being a challenge to keep track of who has keys to certain sections of the property, and it got to the point that I was worrying about how easy it would be to make a copy of these keys. I decided to get in touch with an expert about access control because I had a little bit of background knowledge about it and how it worked, and I thought it might be something useful for me. I couldn’t have been more spot on. Access control meant that I could restrict access to certain points of my property to specific people. I was able to restrict access to people I knew I could trust. Giving them a code meant not having to worry about keeping track of keys. I know that another option is to use fingerprint technology, but for now, a code works just fine for me. Another cool thing about restricting access by means of keyless technology is that I can see when someone is entering and leaving certain rooms. I’m able to pull up the activity and see it for myself. For me, this beats having security cameras, albeit I do find them useful, because I have a physical track record of where my employees are. I highly recommend access control to anyone who owns a business property, especially one that is bigger in size or that houses confidential documents and items.”

Clearly, access control comes as a highly recommended solution. It isn’t only important for preventing theft, though. It can also be important for safety reasons. In any given commercial property, there tends to be a great deal of foot traffic in any given day. Therefore, if an item were to be stolen, it might be hard to identify exactly who was in the room at the time the item was stolen, but with access control, it is easier to keep track of people. Access control works by granting access to a specific area thanks to a key card which might be magnetic, fingerprints, or even a coded keypad. A property owner can call a locksmith in their area to ask for more information about this security solution. Access control could also be utilized by homeowners. It isn’t just for commercial property owners although it tends to be quite popular as a service for businesses.

Here are the steps involved in access control:

  1. A person must be able to be identified as one that should be allowed access to a certain part of a property.
  2. Identification must be verified. A person might be able to access a specific part of a property using their finger, a card or even an encryption key.
  3. Authorization. There are certain permissions that will be connected to a code or username.

Learn more to keep your belongings protected!

Anyone can learn more about access control by doing a search online or they might find it easier to get in touch with a lock and security provider in their area that specializes in this unique service. While it is something unique, it is becoming incredibly popular, and many major businesses use some form of access control to keep their property protected. They might want to only allow certain people into different parts of their property where important documentation is, or parts of their property might be potentially hazardous, therefore, not just anyone should be able to enter. To sum it up…access control allows you to restrict access to certain individuals; access control allows you to keep track of who is entering or leaving your property; and access control can help in terms of preventing theft and even hazardous situations from taking place.

This information is useful to people all over the country, not just in Marietta, Georgia, of course. It is important to take steps to take care of your property, especially if you have many people coming and going on a day to day basis. You can’t have eyes everywhere, and with access control, you don’t have to. You likely can’t afford to have security guards standing at every single corner. There are numerous features and solutions that can be taken advantage of, which are affordable, from keyless entry systems and intercom systems to brand new locks and even deadbolts when it comes to keeping unwanted persons out. Make sure that you keep security and loss prevention at the top of your list of things to pay attention to, as you don’t want to have items stolen or anyone injured because access to certain areas was not restricted.

Aricle source here: KTB Marietta Locksmith: What You Need To Know About Access Control


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