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Don’t Ever Lock Yourself Out of Your Car Again

You might be prone to locking your car keys in the car. If you are, this article is for you. Even if you’re not prone to doing this, there may come a time when you unknowingly, lock your keys in the car. By reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to avoid doing this. This is a problem that can really frustrate and upset a person. When you’re in a hurry, locking your keys in the car is rather easy to do. If it hasn’t happened to you you’re usually even more upset because their isn’t anyone to blame but yourself. This means you’re not only frustrated and irritated but the more you realize that it was your fault; you become upset. However, you can avoid this from happening to you if you take heed to some of the things we have to share with you at KTB Marietta Locksmith in Marietta, GA. We just happen to receive most service calls related to keys being locked in the car. This means that if it happens to you, you can be sure that it is also happening to someone else at the same time. The information that we are offering to you isn’t just so that you can have the knowledge but so that you can actually do something with it. By implementing some of our suggestions, you’re able to avoid the misfortune of locking your keys in the car. While we certainly do not have a problem servicing you whenever you lock your keys in the car, we also do not mind telling you how you can avoid this problem from the start. So many of our customers tell us just how much they knew this then and they could have avoided the level of frustration experienced due to this incident. This information we’re offering to you is absolutely free. So we would highly suggest that you take full advantage of what we have to share.

Here are just a few of things you can start doing today in order to ensure that you do not lock your keys in the car:

Develop a routine every time you exit your car

One of the things that many motorists try to implement is something that they do every single time they get out of the car. It can be something as simple as looking down to make sure the keys are no longer in the ignition and that you see them in your hands or handbag. Once you’ve identified that you have your keys then you can proceed to getting out of the car. The objective in doing this is to create a routine that will enable you to remember to remove your keys from the ignition. If you develop a routine, the moment something doesn’t feel quit right, you will realize that you didn’t see your keys. This is a proven effective way of to remember to remove your car keys from the ignition.

Have Locks Replaced Right Away

If you are using a key with a damaged lock, you will find yourself ultimately locked out of your car because the key no longer fits the lock. This is why we suggest that as soon as you start to have problems with your lock that you have the locks replaced. The problem only gets worse when you continue to try to use the key in the lock; it eventually damages the key and you can no longer use the key to get inside your car. The only way to ensure that you’re not locked out is to make sure you have your car locks replaces as soon as possible. It may cost you a little money to take care of this but wouldn’t you rather have the locks replaced rather than unexpectedly find yourself locked out of your car. Don’t put it off another day; act now!

Don’t Continue to Duplicate Your Car Keys

If you’re going to have spare keys made for your car, always use the original car key. Our professional locksmiths will always encourage motorists to invest in spare keys for events such as this. When you are having spare keys made, it is probably best to ask for a set of spare keys when your first buy your car. This ensures that the key being used is the original car key. The more frequently you have your key duplicate the further from the original key the cut will be. This means that the keys that you are now having may, might not work for your car.

Invest in Spare Keys

You wouldn’t think that we would have to even say this but it is true, not every motorist has spare car keys. When you don’t have a spare key and you lock your keys in the car, you’ll be locked out far longer than you have to be. When you have a spare key, you will always have a way to gain access back into your car. If you don’t already have a spare key, what are you waiting for? One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they put their spare keys on their key chains. It doesn’t’ make sense to put your keys on the same keychain with the rest of your keys considering you may lock them all in the car. Give a close friend or family member your spare key so that you can have it when you need it.

When to Remove Your Keys

It is probably best to only remove your keys when you’re either headed to your car or standing directly in front of the car. It is very easy to take your keys out and lay them down. Someone may even turn around and pick up your keys, thinking they are their keys. Keep them in your pocket or handbag until you are walking toward your car to prevent leaving them anywhere and being locked out.

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